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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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that going one way or another. >> and do we know anything at all on how they are? >> no, no details about that woman or the circumstances, that i could tell you that it will be a large target on out here with their building roped off all around. that they were out here. >> what about the other people that would live there? are they being kept out? >> well, actually, that i could tell you that it will be that front. and that there will be a lot to happen. i believe that it would happen and i don't know if there will be another answer for them somewhere else. that they could try to find that out. >> we will go back to gather more information for their welfare check. finding the body on south 3rd street from city hall just recently removing that body. and they are now on the scene to let them go back and to try to get more information when we do we will bring it to you.
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a report from cal tran on that fence and that it fell from that overpass and on to the freeway below is out tonight. that we'll be learning that the agency knew about their issues. and also why they were not prepared immediately. that the bridge would foul on interstate 880 last week and that they would cause major travel delays. they are live in our newsroom now with their latest reported recommendations to be replaced. >> they would say that they were awar of the damage to that aging bridge. to never let them be in place if they knew they were a threat to safety. last week's catastrophic collapse on the railing of their bridge is clear. and that they were removed. the pedestrian walkway was exposed. now, cal tran, releasing the inspection of their report on february of 2015 and when that bridge and a similar bridge was released to the north, both checked. the 23rd avenue overcrossing
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was inspected in february of 2015. because of the structures that are scheduled for the replacement on the currentcontract, no further information was noted. recommending the visible rust that we reached out to explain their infection that the spokesperson says that they will be unable to answer any questions about their report today. and last thursday that cal tran's director said that they should never have happened. >> while that is a classic example. >> now, they conducted a post- collapse infection, before reading in part on their right side of the south bridge, where the rail fell off to keep that current place and then install the chain link fencing along the edge of the deck for the pedestrian safety. on the left side of the south bridge, to remove the current reading to be replaced. more work on the right and left side of the north bridge to remove their current railing, to be replaced. they would run the custom house brokers just across the
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collapsed rail. that they said that something needs to be done. >> it is going to last another 12 months or something. and then if it did, you know, great. but right now, that they are almost killing people. i don't know. you have the barriers that might work. >> all right, sources tell ktvu that the process to replace the rails will be put up to bid as early as this week. but since cal trans was unavailable this week, they did not address that report. finally it is just a temporary fix that they are set to be replaced over the next five years. and the long-term road project. thank you. search and rescue crews for their missing boater off the coast of marin county. three men on the 20-foot boat would issue that stress call at the mouth of the bay. and a spokesperson for the national seashore said that the boat went up in the rocks by the time that emergency crews would arrive, they found one man alive on the rocks and
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other man who was dead in their water, and the third man who was missing as they said it appeared that no one was wearing that life vest as we don't know anything about the three boaters, except that all of them were adult males. san jose police searching for crews tonight in that shoot death of the man waiting for a ride -- in that shooting death of a man waiting for a ride home. ann rubin talked to family members today who are devastated by what happened. >> reporter: family and friends came to pray at the spot where it happened where michael arzaga's life was taken where his dreams and plans were cut short. he was loved. he will be extremely missed. he had everything to look forward to.
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all waiting for a ride home, >> it could happen like a drive bi. >> giving no description of the vehicle and cameras at the businesses next door are broken. loved ones need to come forward. >> we will not rest until we find out who did this. >> reporter: he grew up in hawaii before moving to the bay area for college, becoming a real estate agent for williams in san carlos where he was thriving. the friends say he was the kind of man that never met a stranger, but considered everyone family. >> it's a welcoming. always welcomed everybody. >> reporter: now they would come together to grieve. his family says they would deserve to know the truth about what happened. they want answers. >> he's a good guy.
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>> reporter: williams is planning a fundraiser to help their family taking place this thursday from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at their restaurant in san carlos. in san jose ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. we want to bring you breaking news right now out of san francisco where crews, they are working on a house fire. you can see the smoke in that area. the emergency vehicles are on the scene, as you can see them spraying water on to the house taking place on market and deloris in san francisco. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring it to you as soon as we get more information. police departments are looking for this man the 18- year-old brown of oakland. and he is wanted in connection with at least two killings, including one that would happen in livermore over their weekend. investigators say that brown
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and the accomplice would meet two other men to conduct their criminal transaction, that's when the gunfire started. >> they believe this is an isolated incident, it's the meeting place. one man was killed. that brown is also suspected of the killing in fresno. also on the run tonight. the outbreak of shigella linked to the san jose restaurant has grown to 182 cases. they say that the outbreak started in downtown san jose two weeks ago. that restaurant remains closed tonight. have 4 of those shigella case -- 144 of those shigella cases have been reported in alameda, san mateo, santa cruz, marin.
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the three transients accused of killing a hiker in marin county are in san francisco making a brief court appearance today. the marin county judge postponed morrison lampley, sean angold, and lila alligood, because alligood is yet to be signed an attorney. the three suspects shot and killed 23-year-old audrey carey in golden gate park and 67-year- old steve carter while walking his dog on a hiking trail near fairfax. the three suspects are due back in court on thursday. san francisco police identified the suspect today in a dramatic police chase involving the stolen police car. they also released this picture of the 26-year-old. facing a number of charges, including carjacking, hit and run, assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest. police say that they would receive their report about a man with a knife on saturday. officers say that the suspect would manage to steal the patrol car and then they let
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them on a chase through their city to treasure island when that suspect would crash in to that cadillac and jumped there the over-- jumped on the overpass with the officer close behind. they arrested him as they would try to carjack that driver on the lower deck. >> it has happened five times in the past six months. a gas leak. they all stem from that construction project that has been temporarily shut down. telling us that the people in the area say that enough is enough. >> a gas leak underneath earlier this month and that noise like a big faucet. a hissing noise. >> reporter: moments later the restaurant would call it filled up with the smell of gas. >> i had transit employees that were calling their family because they were so worried because of the gas smell being so strong. >> reporter: that she is describing the gas rupture near masonic in the past six months.
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>> are we going to blow up? will they get it under control? what will happen? it was very scary. >> reporter: the residence and the city leaders were in public, concerned over their projects to beautify their street. but that it has been a disaster. that they were calling for a hearing at city hall. >> the bigger issue is, you know, are people safe? with this work being done and five gas leaks, what is going on and why do they continue to happen? >> reporter: they would blame their subcontractor called synergy management project. >> the fact that they would bid $1 million in comparison to any other subcontractor that would bid on the project would make me nervous. >> reporter: they would tell us by phone that they would detail their underground gas pipes, that some will be off by as much as six feet and that it will be improperly installed that they would maintain them to be accurate and they would blame them for using heavy
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construction equipment, digging up the streets. >> that they needed to shut it down temporarily for the $7.5 million project that it will be the process. and that we'll need to follow. we also learned about this. it's a mistake. and their third and fourth. that they would say it will be a plan to take that for their administrative hearing to try to get that subcontractor removed from their project. that the whole ordeal could end up in court. ktvu fox 2 news. a new law is letting the workers use uber and air bnb for business travel, signing legislation, ensure them to be reimbursed for using ride sharing projects for the home rental sites. hoping that the new law will save them money on travel cost for the last three years, nearly $110 million.
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state officials, they talk about how much climate change is affecting our historic drought, also caring for the ongoing plan to try to fight that issue. and how class resumes, after the student there was sexually assaulted on campus. students taking precaution as police would search for a suspect. and i'm tracking that opportunity for a wet morning commute. not tomorrow morning, but as we move forward. i'll have the details. we'll see you back here.
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that body found by the officer responding to the welfare check just a couple blocks away where they are still on the scene tonight. and that the rest of the kids are notified. investigating last week's rape of the coed. for that they would tell us that the students of their campus, that they will be on edge as a result of that attack. and that it will be a violation of the victims. and that it will be interviewing the witnesses, the security. >> that they reportedly showing you how they were sexually assault. a part of it involves going over their surveillance video
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that may have captured their images. >> we know that their victim, that they must be three suspects. >> and capturing the men's side that will be responsible. that they are also asking for the publics help. and reminding them to be careful. >> that people, they were suspicious. >> a recent geological survey shows you that it will be worse than that drought situation by at least 25%. state officials say that the affects of their climate change will not stop there working on a plan to repair california for the year ahead called safeguarding california. officials there say that they need to be at the foresight of balleting back against climate change.
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that they will start protecting people. and that they would make it more true for those attacks. >> reporter: the governor has been vocal in recent months about their own goal for reversing climate changes, including shifting theirelectricity production by the year 2030. >> i was driving to santa cruz over the weekend. and that it will be called up so well. >> and that you can see how low that staff will be. >> and next year that it will be their reservoir with their squad control and what they will be used in a way that will be draining them low. in the winter months we'll be expecting a ton of rain. the struggle that they would be having. how much water do you let out? and that they were pretty good in lexington. their water reservoirs, but think if you're the water manager right now, with some of
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the reservoirs, like where they are pretty high already. what do they do? they've got to have flood control for those creeks. they're not sure how low to drop it, just another side bar. i mean it's a huge story for us. impending winter season, a beautiful shot out there tonight and the subtropical moisture speaking of el niño with the great winter seasons. >> very interesting, do you know why? because of el niño and the weather with this moisture coming up north. that we have the oranges, the reds. what you would expect to see in san diego and mexico and their latitude. that these are just small indications, not directly. that it will be a lot to do with it. okay here is olaf the other indication of what's happening, the warm water in the pacific creating yet the other hurricane, the record season of the hurricane in the pacific expected in their major year as you can see all the moisture getting caught up in the flow, impacting us with a chance for some showers, not a chance, but that it will be showery morning
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for you on your morning commute. so it will be a layer of morning commute the wettest. the current conditions in the 70s and the lower 60s or the upper 60s, pardon me right back to their model tomorrow morning, clouds, streaming in off the pacific. temperatures tomorrow under partly to mostly cloudy, partly sunny mostly sunny partly cloudy. partly sunny kind of thing, right, temperatures in the 70s, the yellows. that they will need to show up as well. slightly cooler that the weather system involved, the hurricane remanence as they would move in with increasing clouds, dry, cooler, then as we would head in to wednesday, giving up the morning shower, typically without that influx from olaf that you would see a few showers with some drizzle along our coast. but now they are picking up on that major storm, increasing the rainfall. here is what they do a pretty
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good model at 7:00 tonight mostly cloudy with your morning. and by 9:00 a.m., getting going in the south baby 10:00 a.m. to show you just after lunch. the morning commute that will be right back easily, the quarter of an inch or an inch of rain in that north bay tonight. and for halloween that, it will be 6:00. setting it up earlier obviously that it will be quick. the kind of weather they want to point out, increasing clouds tomorrow. isn't that beautiful? is that rain right now, julie? >> yeah, check that out, it is just gorgeous as we'll show you that here in a second. but it looks like their halloween move. >> yeah. that is gorgeous. >> again, subtropical moisture creating the orange beautiful sunsets. is that the moon? i guess the moon, yes, in control. like what we are. >> i don't think that they could ever remember. that they grew up here. i don't think that we could ever see that here like this.
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>> it will be consistent day after day. some of the pictures you'll get on their social media. >> yeah. >> the colors are just so vibrant and beautiful. >> all right, thanks, bill. the mets and the royals, they have announced their starting pitchers for game one tomorrow. and also charles barkley in town talking about their home opener up next with sports. coming up, we will check in with keba and a look at what we are working on for fox 2 news at 7:00. >> julie, an important warning for meat lovers out there. a major new study sounding the alarm about the possible link between certain meatand cancer. the death toll continues to rise after the devastating earthquake that hit asia. coming up at 7:00 over on tv 36.
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making their debut in michigan today, the 2016 camaros, down the line of their plant in lancing. one white, one red, and one blue. this is the first time that the camaro has been built in the u.s. since 1992. back then, they would move their production from california to canada, expected that it will be in dealerships some time next month to start about $26,000. >> u.s.a. built. joe is in right now for mark and the warriors would plan their first regular season game tomorrow night. tomorrow night this time, the beginning of the defense with the nba championship a lot more hype associated for their opener than in past years.
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one of their most popular broadcast team in san francisco for the opener. it will be a part of their team that will kick things off with the reception in their city here today that they would still need to help their teams not to win their titles as they would talk about the challenges they would face in trying to repeat. >> when you would have success, you know, you would get a lot of people. the one thing to remember is about six inches, the kick in that head. and so that is the tougher thing that everybody, telling you how great you are and that they will come in to your bill and that they would try to maul you and that is just the adjustment that you'll need to make. >> the world series is set to begin tomorrow as they would square off in kansas city for game one. some uncertainty about who their starting pitching would be, but that was settled today when it was officially announced that it will go to
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volquez who won one and lost one in their american league championship series against toronto, opposed by the mets, harvey who won at one point in this season that he might not be playing because of that pitch count. and their recent arm surgery making the call. that if they had a shot to win it all that they were pitching. >> once they decided to is are surgery, yeah, all of those doubts, and their thoughts. you know, especially negative thoughts that went out of their window and that i knew where they were going to go and see the best surgeon in the world to have the best staff behind me. you know, from then on that it was kind of a no doubter that i knew that i would be back. >> and here is what will all get started tomorrow right here on ktvu fox 2 news, broadcast starts tomorrow at 4:30. >> all right. thanks, joe. >> sure. we want to tell you about some developing news out of san francisco where right now that fire is burning at the
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apartment complex on deloris street. that they were responding, as we will continue to follow this developing news with the very latest on the 10:00 news, thanks for joining us, we'll leave you with the gorgeous shot add noon. rervation?
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